Collaborate without boundaries

Day 11-12-13

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Day 11 I ran errands for her and some things around the house . Day 12 we disagreed on some painting issuses in the kitchen . She wanted cabinet sides painted and I didn't . I remembered todays dare , so I let her win and told her if that's what she wanted I would be happy to do that for her. Day 13 is about fighting fair. I really am not fighting with her at all , nor is she fighting with me . Just lack of feeling for me. I'm getting some good response once and awhile, then it seems not so much other days. I'ts hard to turn my mind off and not think about this and analyze this hour after hour and day after day. It helps when I start to think of her     (  Karen )  I try to think of Jesus right away instead.  Any one got any tricks to turn the brain off sometimes ? Looks like she is getting the flu yesterday also so I will put the dares on hold for a day or two so I can help take care of her and help the best I can .

  • Thanks Rick.  It's much easier to reply here and you'll have more of a chance to get replies here.

  • Ello, I am on round 3 of the Love Dare and some days are easy, some are hard. I can almost tell reading the dare if its going to be easy or not for me. For example if we are not particularly having a good day and I have to do an act of kindness. I write the number on my hand and it constantly reminds me to do the act of kindness and to actually be kind. I will write the versus from the dare or one I heard in church on a sticky note at my desk at work or with a magic marker on my mirror at home. If you have little constant reminders that God is next to you helping you through everything it makes it really hard to get stuck in a depressed or anxious state of mind.

  • Thanks for the advice on the sticky note and writing on your hand , I like that and will use those !!

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