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Well todays update was easier. completed burning the list of negative things about her . Day 9 I greeted her with a smile and a new love in my heart . I usually leave her a short one or two sentence Love note next to the tea I make her before I'm out the door to work in the morning. I have done the notes for about 4 weeks and have never gotten a thankyou for the note or conversation about anything I've wrote. sometimes I get a thank you for the tea , so I guess i'll take that for now. Day 10 for something out of the ordinary I started painting the kitchen a new color of her choosing. I also sent a greeting card to her at her work address. It was a card with a picture of two dogs running and playing with a ball. On the inside I just wrote  " just wanted to be the reason you smiled today , I love you "

I got a very nice smile from her with that and a how the other girls in the office were jealous story of her 'romantic " card she got from her husband ! She left the card at work for a day so others could see . It's funny how small things like this are a big deal to me now after your world is falling apart..  onward I go....

  • There's a lot of pleasure in burning that list and putting it in the past. I do the note thing with my wife's coffee in the mornings. I started that before the Love Dare and I have never gotten a response either. I leave her a Bible verse. It's actually doing more than the dares so be careful. You don't want to overdo it and get into her space too much. You both need time to grow and reflect on the situation. It's best to do a dare a day and let God handle the rest.

    From her reaction though it sounds like her heart is still in the right place. Just pray and lean on God. Let Him work this all out.

    "Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

    1 Corinthians 10:31

  • Thanks Eddie , It's funny that we both do the note thing . I also started that before the love dare also ! Great minds like they say ! I'll do like you say and try not to do to much.. I'm leaning , I'm leaning ...Have a great day !

  • Be  very careful about going above a dare a day.  This will often get in her space.  We often do things like leave notes, ect for us, so that we feel good, not necessarily for them. We also do these extras to hopefully get a reaction from our spouse,  

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