Collaborate without boundaries

Feb 11, 2018

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I am so very thankful today!  And so very blessed in many ways and I hold that above everything else right now. I have really discovered over this last year who my real friends are, and how incredibly amazing my two kids are (even though I have known this since the day they were born!) And so blessed with my family and above all, God! I have so many riches beyond money and possessions and I need to remember this every day!

i am on day 2...Love is Kind.  My husband is still in Mexico with two friends that I don’t necessarily deem good companions  right now. He gets home tomorrow night. So my plan for Day unexpected act of kindness...will be something for him that he will discover on his own when he gets back. I have some ideas but will continue to use God to guide me.  

I find myself already changing the mental conversations we will have based on Day 1.  Day 1!  Be patient, and don’t say anything negative. Wow! It’s already planted in my head. We have some bigger discusssions coming up and before I was in the mindset to still hash out negatively. Not anymore. I had a real strong chat with God last night too.  A real, on my knees cry fest that felt so good and so rewarding.  One day at a time but with God leading me, not so daunting anymore!

  • The dares will mold you to love as Christ loves.  You may begin to wonder at times if your husband sees the changes in you.  Even if he does not say anything, he will notice.  

    But the catch is, things may get worse before it gets better.  But this will serve purpose.  For one, he may see the changes as you temporarily changing to win him back, as a ruse to win him back and then go to your old ways.  And he will test the new you and try to break you, to show you that the old you is there.   He may also get mad, thinking, why wasn't she always like this?

    You need to remain in the dares as consistent as you can, especially in the tough moments.  

  • Keep day one fresh in your mind every day. No matter what step back and think before you act. It's very easy to react in anger or to defend yourself in a negative way. Be humble and count him as more significant than yourself as Philippians 2:3 says. Right now you are in the right place with God and your husband needs to see that so he can get there too.

    I feel like my wife hangs around with the wrong people also but I recently learned that one of her friends said she doesn't quite believe everything my wife is saying. So even their friends will eventually see through them. You just have to keep doing what is right in the sight of God and let Him do the rest.

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