Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 3 - Love is not Selfish

    What did you choose to give your spouse? What happened when you gave it? This dare was a little strange for me, since it was my birthday. I knew that he would not be getting anything for me, and I wasn't even expecting him to acknowledge that it was...
  • Day 2 - Love is Kind

    What discoveries about love did you make today? What specifically did you do in this dare? How did you show kindness? This dare was a little harder for me to decided what to do, especially since my husband is not living with me or talking to me. Originally...
  • Day 1 - Love is Patient

    Did anything happen today to cause anger towards your spouse? Were you tempted to think disapproving thoughts and to let them come out in words? Overall, this dare was easy for me, because my husband has moved out and won't really speak to me. So...
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