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Hello, everyone!

I would like to thank you all for the prayers! 

Im gonna make this quick because Im still at work and Im feeling overwhelmed and i have no one to talk to.

my husband just called. he asked me if it's OK that he'll file the annulment. I asked for time. Although part of me knows I have to let him go. Im scared and excited about the idea. In a way it felt like God is really removing him so I can move on. Perhaps He has better plans for me which does not include him. Im scared of what will happen. 

Any advice? Please pray.

  • Isn't it a weird feeling to be standing for your marriage like you have been, but then realizing if what you thought would be the worse thing to happen, an annulment, that you would end up seeing it may be relief?  Because what  was once the  thing that you knew would bring you to the depths of  despair is now the thing that may bring you more into a peaceful time where you can move on.

  • But look at this peaceful time you may envision not because the trial may end,  but that God is your  source of this peace, because you know, no matter what your  husband does, you have a Father that will not abandon you  and has a life you can live that is above your desires.

  • It's good you asked for time, and didn't say, Yep, it is fine you want to file.  I doubt in your country you can prolong the annulment very long.   But other than keep standing, what can you really do?  

    Let go of the scared and excited feelings about a possible annulment. But cling to the excitement of your future with God so closely in it, no matter what  he chooses to do with his  free will.  

    Continue to show patience and  kindness in everything toward him.  If you haven't, read determined's entry about being served.  

    Prayers said.  

  • You always have God to talk to. :)   But I know what you mean. Don't think things like "I have to let him go." You don't have to do anything. The best thing you can do is obey God and live how He wants you to live. Let Him work in your life and your husbands life. Delay as long as possible. God will show you the path He wants you to take and if you remain faithful to Him He will reward you.

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