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Annulment on the way

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went to see husband earlier to invite him to go on a trip with me for old times' sake. We discussed about living arrangements in another city as i am leaving in few days. Things took a different turn when he asked me if I will not contest if he will be filing for an annulment. I asked him if he coud wait until my review and exams are over but he said he cant wait any longer as he wanted that I will be "single" when I become a lawyer. He wanted to make sure that I will no longer file any crimnal actions against him if ever i become a lawyer. I duuno where his fears are coming from and I am so confused right now. His words pierced through me. 

  • Cast your fears and worries at his feet and spend time in His presence.  Satan is going to try and throw as many curve balls your way to get you to doubt God's plan but stay strong and firmly rooted in the Word and in His promises.

  • Why does he think you will file criminal charges against him?

  • It is funny how not only your spouse, but many of our spouses think such odd things such as you filing criminal charges.  His flesh is just so wound up in the world's ways and his foolish thoughts being directed by evil.  It really does not matter so much why he brought up criminal charges.  He probably already forgot about saying this.  They not only seem to have a vivid but inaccurate imagination, but poor memory of what they say.

    But what he will remember, no matter the outcome, is you standing for the marriage, rooted in Christ.  He will remember you being consistent in showing kindness and patience.  And this keeps the door more open for Christ to work in him.  

    Do not look at this as the final straw.  But just another way for Christ to have you grow in Him.  Where you trust Christ, fruit will grow of the branch.

    There are seasons we need to go through.  We may never know why really.  But there is reason.  keep trusting Him more than your concern of tomorrow.  

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