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The attack..

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As I've posted in my previous entry, I shared how much of great joy I felt for God never left me yesterday. He never made me feel alone. 

This morning, I called my hubs to ask him about the ATM card. He was not mean nor nice either. It seems like I am just talking to a stanger. I found out though that he stayed at their house (his parents' house) last night which made me happy. I thank God for it. 

However, as expected , the enemy did made their attack knowing that I am enjoying God's peace. This afternoon I saw in FB that he actually had dinner with Girlie and her friends. All women, he is the only guy. All Christians. I should be happy I guess. But the enemy has placed evil thoughts in my head. No, Im not worried about Girlie at all. I just cant help but think that "their" friends, though Christians are tolerating their behavior. I dont wanna judge, so Lord forgive me. :( That is why I am worried. Though I know I should trust God. Honestly I am conflicted.

Anyways, I guess those of you who get to spend time with your spouse even for a few hours a day, I guess you are blessed because you see them and you get to show them your love. While I am totally cut off from his world. :( I dunno what to feel really. I guess I should just pray and let this go.

  • Princess,  rejoice that he was out with a group and not just out with Girlie my hubs was with the OW!  And that he spent the night at his parents unlike what I know was happening last night with my hubs!  There is a silver lining to that!  Remember that God is there, we don't need to be.  I have to keep telling myself that.  Hard to see, but God is working and arranging before you, and has given you a couple of gifts to show that during this time.  May peace cover you today!

  • As I see it we are to judge and admonish someone for sinful behavior but not to judge their souls.  That is God's job.

    There are positives and negatives with being separated.  With separation it can be easier not to get in their space, not be face to face with venom being spewed consistently, not feeling the extreme tension in the house.  You will also be able to pray and read more often in the quiet.

  • They are also left to Christ more readily.  

    But yes there are advantages too of being able to see them even just minutes a day.

    Some of us living with our spouses can get envious of those that don't and vice versa.

  • Amen, Tim.  I actually felt some relief moving out.  No more "egg-shell walking".  But, I do miss him some moments something awful.  I NEEDED to be away from him, though, as God knows my propensity to try to get my hands on the situation and work it out on my own.  IF I'm to totally allow God to fight for me, He knew I had to be far from the battle.  God is so wise and He knows me all too well.  lol  I am better fighting on my knees where I can't interfere with what God is doing.

  • Thanks, guys..

    PAR, i know. my soul still rejoices although just partially.

    TIM- you are right.. i do try to see things like that.

    LINDA- thanks

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