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R2 DARE 38: Mapping out for his dreams

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Today's dare is about thinking what dreams my hubs have that I can actually "give" to him.

Nothing changed from the list I made from Round 1. To me, the things I could have said "yes" to or I could have helped him out with are: the house, having kids, his basketball shoes and I being financially responsible.

Today, when I reRead the dare, another item popped up in my head which I out to add in the list ---- RESPECT.

Being extravagant in love does not really mean spending all your money. Sometimes it is being extravagant in effort or time. :) 

In the past, when we fight, hubs will mention that I disrespect him as my husband and as head of the family, 

today, I decided to give it all. I do not really have any idea how to show this to hi, since we live apart but I guess I could start with small gestures. :) I will have to show him that I respect his decisions and I believe in his capabilities, :) 

These are the things that I ought tonpray for, :) 

  • I tend to think my way is the better way when it comes to kids, how to end it with the OW, etc.  What you shared is a great reminder to me upon his return this evening to disregard how I feel about the execution of this talk and him taking 4 days vacation with her to have their "talk",, and instead respect his decision and intent that it be about their affair ending.  Thank you.

  • Welcome, PAR.. :)

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