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Disclaimer: I do not know if I am just soaring with "joy" or this is just because I had lots of sweets today and sugar rush is kicking in. :) Anyway, bear with my "hyper" tone. Haha

Dare 37 is all about devoting time to pray together daily. The dare does not only require you to pray but actually wants you to ASK your spouse to pray with you. For someone who has an unbeliever spouse, this is a challenge.

Anyway, today is a busy day for me since I have classes whole day. I do believe that calling him in the evening is not a good time and oftentimes my call gets rejected, basically because he is "drinking" during the night. 

So I came home around 6:30 (it's dark already). I am missing him for no apparent reason and I do not really want to call him with this state that I am in. I do not want to rely my "feeling" on him. For a while I considerd just sending him a text ir Fb message than calling him. So I got home, fed the pets, prepared the laundry (which I will be doing after this post) and decided to go to my room and pray. 

During my prayer, I told God that I am missing my hubs and I do not really want to call because of my feelings. I do not want to call and rely the "satisfaction" of this "longing" on my husband. I prayed that He fill me with His love and fix the emptiness I feel which makes me crave for his affection. I acknowledge His powers. I said that it is Him and Him alone can satisfy me --- that I do not have to worry about people making me feel good because all of the appreciation and the validation from Him is more than enough. I acknowledged that God's love for me is more than what I need and my husband loving me back is just a "bonus" -- a gift from Him too. I told God that I do not want to call my hubs but I will try for His glory, because He is asking me to.

After praying, I called my husband. One ring! Just one ring! He picked up immediately. I asked what je was doing and without any hesitation he said "drinking". Normally, I would feel upset but now, I don't. I even said "ok". So I went on inviting him about praying once a day, if we can do it some time. I heard him gave an "awkward laugh". He took some time to answer so I said, "no pressure. Just think about it." And he said "I will let you know if Im ready" (or something like that) (HEY LORD! Praises you!). Then we just talked a bit more. I ended up saying "I miss you" and he just chuckled and said "you're crazy". I dont want to keep him long since he is obviously with friends so I said "bye". Before hanging up though I said "have fun and I love u". Now where did it come from?? Seriously!? Hahah..

I do not know. Maybe I am just imagining this or what but for a while there I sensed him softening. Not to me but to the idea of praying. The first time I asked him about this he was clearly apprehensive. If I was in front of him that time i could have seen his brows met. Haha. Maybe he is in agood mood prior to my call or maybe it is because he had couple of drinks already that is why he is a bit soft. But LOVE BELIEVES THE BEST AND I BELIEVE GOD HAS SOFTENED HIM IN A WAY. ;) will definitely be praying for this to happen. It does not matter if we are separated, we can still pray over the phone. There are lots of means if we just desire it to be! :) 

Once again, God proved to me that everything is made easy if we do it for Him and if we just OBEY! :) 

Thank you, Lord. now will just have to pray that he will not do other thing tonight other than "drink" with friends (if you guys know what i mean). I am not worried, but again, it is when things are calm that we ought to pray more. :) 

  • I love this! As I feel like there is a barrier blocking me spiritually right now , thank you for revealing another truth to help hammer through it. Joy to you!

  • hi, par! i do not know what I said which inspired you but "GLAD TO BE GOD's instrument" :)

  • Even if you look at this without believing the best, and assume it was the alcohol or something else that made it appear that he softened to praying......Even if this is true, you asked, and it gave God a door more open to work, and you left him with a choice, to say, yes, no, or to ignore.  If he says no or just ignores the question, he will feel little jabs at his conscience.  

    But i think he softened, even if it's just for that moment, it made a little path for him to come back to and it'll be just a touch easier for him to soften a little down the road.

    I don't think this will happen, but he may realize he softened, and will try to show you he hardened back up over the next few days.  If this is the case, do not worry, it is just one more avenue for Christ to do His work.

    It was Christ bringing you joy, not the sugar.  Those moments are good.  Remember these moments of joy in Christ.

  • Good point, when it's calm, and you feel joy or peace.  It is time to pray, not be become lukewarm in prayer. It is easy to do.  Sometimes these are the times it's a little easier to be still in prayer and let Him have the floor while we are quiet and see if we hear His voice, be it in our mind or heart or however.

  • Thanks, tim!

    I know.. I have been trying to do as what I am told (by God) and whatever the out ome does not really concern me at all or worry me. These past few days, God allowed me to witness how things work if I obey and they worked out pretty well. So asking him to pray is just my task, whether he accepts it or not is no longer my control. It is in the Father's hands now. :)

    I am fully aware that he will revert back to his tough persona after this. Haha. That is just how he is. He may be really is confused and I showing him that I am perfectly happy, in fact even happier than ever, despite the separation may confuse him more.. May make him wonder what i discovered or how I manage to be OK despite everything. I, not getting upset about him drinking might add to the thoughts in his head too. I still do not like this vice of his but I have accepted that I CAN NEVER CHANGE HIM, so leave it to God, :)

    Him, behaving a tough guy again, will not affect me the way it used to. If it happens, i will just pray and leave things to the Man above. :)

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