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R2 DARE 36: Devotion and the Bible

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I have no problem with this dare since even before I started round 1 I have spent my mornings reading the Bible. :)

Reading the Bible actually amazes me. :) There are times when a question is bugging me and when I open my devotional and the Bible, TA-DAAAH! I will have my answer. Indeed it is the manual of life! :)

Although the dare said "when your spouse is open to it", I opted to message him in FB asking/inviting if we can have a "Bible" reading. I tried calling him today but he won't answer. He called back but I missed it too. So I just stopped pushing. :)

I just realized that I am in DARE 36 of Round 2 already! hahaha. The journey seemed like a breeze to me now compared to the previous time. I guess it is because "kindness" and "loving" becomes a lot more natural now, plus I am doing the dares based on HIS instructions and not really with intent to "have him back". :) Of course I still want him back but this round is really a bit different. I am wondering if I should go for Round 3. :)

  • That's up to you about Round 3.  I chose not to, but MDarby is doing Round 3.  I may read the dares mentally for a while, been thinking of picking up the Love Dare devotional instead.  I more drawn to the Word and what God wants than trying to fix my marriage.  I know now that Christ is the answer and had I been more into the Word, my marriage would still be strong.;  I know in my heart one day my wife will get right with God again, and I hope there is a chance for reconciliation when it happens.

  • A lot of people have done more than 3 rounds.  See what guidance prayer gives you

  • Hey Princess, some people draw strength from doing multiple  rounds, I could only do one.  I could not take the constant rejection.  Pray on it.

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