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R2 DARE 35: Finding a Marriage Mentor

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Today is an AMAZING DAY! Praises to Him indeed! 

A friend from school, when I shared to him my fate, suggested that I see this priest whom he always goes to whenever he needs guidance. I actually told him to help me set up an appointment with him two weeks ago (I think) but he was out of town so I waited. Today, as part of the dare I told my friend to help me get that appointment. Few minutes later he called and told me that I can meet the priest at 4PM. I was about to ask him if there is another time because it is our major subject (in law school) today and I have to read. However, I was reminded by the Spirit that it was actually part of the dare so I just agreed and just left all my concerns to him. 

I reached the priest's office and i told him i was there for teo reasons: confession and counselling. :) so i confessed to him all my sins i came to understand from dare rounds 1 and 2. There was actually nothing much to discuss because as stated by him I am already leaning on Christ hence I am on stable ground. :) All he said was to continue my walk and just remain faithful to my marriage. He told me to wait and that he believes that my hubs will just come home. He told me it is good that I have lifted it all to Him now. :) 

I know he is not really the mentor required by the dares but it still felt good to understand my walk. :) I also remembered another Christian friend early this morning. She is married with intimate relationship with God so I guess if there is anything I need to clarify I can talk to her. :)

when i got to school, i was a bit worried that i havent read a single chapter but God is good. Prof is actually absent. Hahaha. :) see how God rewards you if you put Him first. :) 

  • If you keep to a schedule of going to confession consistently I am sure you will feel His graces being given to you.  Confession also opens up your prayer life to be more effective.

  • Hey Princess, God is good!!  I think you found some reinforcement today that shows you are on the right path.  Prayers to you.

  • Hi, tim! Will try to do that. I am not really a practicing catholic so it is kind of different. :) I just did that for I feel I need to start a clean slate with my life. :)

    Candie, yes! He never fails to provide if we just trust and obey.

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