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R2 DARE 31: Leave and Cleave

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Similar to round 1, I still experience difficulty in this dare. 

As stated in my entry from previous round, we have been living separately from our parents and they are npnot really interfering with us.

As to my friends, I praise God for allowing me to walk and see my flaws. i tend to compare my hubs to my friends but now, I developed a new "perspective" which allowed me to appreciate him as he is. 

For this dare, I really do not think I have any issues about my family. If there is probably one thing that has to b addressed it, I suppose, is  the leaving of "single" habits. The habits I had when I we were not u married. I do not pay much more attention in serving my hubs prior to the marriage, I guess if given the chance now I will really make sure I serve him as his wife ---- make sure the house is cozy and comfy, food is prepared for him, wash and put out his clothes, etc. :) 

other than that, i cannot see any issues about leaving now. Maybe thre still is but i am not aware of it yet so I will continue to pray for it. :)

  • As you leave your single habits, continue to look at ways to be united with him.

  • I continue to pray on that, Tim, together with prayer that I will be given the chance to express and show that to him personally.

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