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R2 DARE 28: Joy in Sacrifice

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So I decided to complete my dare yesterday through text message. I was so embarassed with myself and what I admitted to him for day 26 that I cannot afford to speak to him. I thank the LD community for encouraging me to move forward. I decided to pick up myself and I prayed for God's grace upon me. It does not really matter much when we fall, what is more important is we chose to stand up after each fall. I really cannot confine myself within the guilt I feel. I ought to make it right before Him.

Today is about meeting my husband's needs. So since we were living apart I have no idea what he needs. I called him and asked if there is anything I can do for him. He said nothing. But he was in a good mood i suppose. Making jokes and all. We chatted a bit. I insisted if there is really anything I could do and he joked "Why dont you give a bath". I just laughed a bit and we talked about the pets. I told him how our cat has been looking for him and missing him and he said it always like that and i said yeah just like me missing you (jokingly). I think I got him off guard becuse he just laughed and I said bye.

few days ago I went grocery shopping and decided to get some stuff for him. I had it sent to him and texted him about it. I told him that since there is nothing I can do for him as he said then I do hope grocery makes up for it. Of course no reply. Just after lunch I also decided to give our dog a bath. Sent him photos of it. I told him that I know that such request was a joke but I still choose to do it anyway because he asked me to. :) 

doing it seemed crazy but it still felt nice. He will definitely think i will not do it but I did just to show him Im serious about making safrifices for him. :) 

i just felt good today. It felt good to make him laugh (if i remember it right-- that i made him laugh) .

  • Dont be embarrassed when you do things in Christ.  That feel good feeling is such a God given gift.  Thank Him for it as I am sure you do.  And enjoy the good moments like him laughing and again thank God for those moments too.

  • I will, tim. Thanks!

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