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R2 DARE 27: Getting rid of unrealistic expectations

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Today is all about getting rid of unrealistic expectations.

There is no huge difference from my previous post for this dare. The expectation I chose to get rid of his my expectation that he will give me "all" of his time. I could have appreciated how much of a hard worker my husband is and that  he is working for us and for our future. 

I chose to text him about this. I said I am sorry for expecting too much from him especially about demanding a lot of his time. Of course I did not receive any reply. I have not heard from him since yesterday when I confessed everything to him. I do not know what is happening with him now but I chose to lift it all to Him.


There is so much struggle in me today. I have not slept well and something in me is revolting. I am having these feelings of wanting to control everything again. Why am I backsliding after yesterday? I miss my husband so much, I want to call him but I prayed instead. God provided calmness and peace but a few minutes later the worry and desire is back. :( 

I am back to feeling scared and worried for the days to come. back to feeling uncertain if I am to spend my life alone forever. I found myself going back and forth my bedroom (it is where I go to pray) couple of times today. :( I really do not like this feeling.. :(

  • Only worry about today, and even then give your worries to God and let HIm lead you throughout your day.  He wants to take your burdens, and for you to trust in HIm with a thankful heart.  I always say let the troubling feelings and hurt wash in like the tide, swirl it around and feel it, and then let it wash back out to the sea.  You are being purified by His Holy Fire - praise through the hurt!

  • I don't remember this dare completely.  But if you should have called I am surprised you didn't.  You usually put a lot of effort to reach him by phone.  

    Do not worry about his reaction to yesterday dare.  Trust Christ in handling the dare and your struggles will go away.

  • Princess, whenever you have a breakthrough like you did yesterday, the devil gets busy.  He knows you are moving closer to God and wants to stop that. So you stay strong in prayer and don't worry about tomorrow.  God will supply all of your needs.  Praying for you.

  • Thanks, guys! This helps!

    I am also surprised why I did not even try to call him, tim. I guess I was a bit embarassed of what I said for dare 26. :)

    Thanks, Par for the reminder. I just worry over things that are actually out of my control..

    Candie, I could nit agree more.. Whenever I feel closer to Him, something really happens that will make me question my walk. It is the enemy. I gotta remind myself that.

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