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R2 DARE 22: Unrequited Love

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Today's dare is about making a choice --- choosing to love no matter what.

Since this is the 2nd round of the dares, telling my hubs that I love him no matter what is a lot easier this time. God has filled my heart with so much love that I have so much more left to give away. Of course to whom would I give it all than to the man He personally handpicked for me. :) 

To complete the dare, I tried calling him but heactually cancelled it then turned off his phone. I called him hours later but he refused to answer. To make it short, I eneded up snding him a text and FB message. I told him that I tried to call but perhaps he is busy since he did not pick up hence the message. I further told him that in case I failed to say it these past few days, I want to say it now; that I LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT AND THAT I WILL STILL CHOOSE TO LOVE HIM EVEN IF HE WILL NOT LOVE ME IN RETURN. 

Of course i did not receive any reply from him and it's ok. It is already taken cared of by the Big Guy above. :) 

I feel happy after telling him I love him. I just do not know why. Loving him now is quite difficult since it is unrequited but God assured me through the scriptures that He has it covered. One day, my hubs will just wake up feeling the desire, connection and passion he has for me before. It will definitely happen in HIS perfect time. :) 


On a separate story..

Today is a GREAT DAY! 

A friend of mine sent me a message through facebook early this morning. I have known that she and her fiancè is having issues about their "wedding". Her fiancè is a muslim and his mom wants her to convert. She actually wanted to but then her father had stroke and while in coma, God actually sent an "angel" (they believe. He is actually a strange nursing student who approached her sister out of the blue while she was crying inside the chapel). The student said not to worry for He will be sending his dad back. Days later her sister spoke in tongue. She started preaching but after that she had no memory of it. They cannot explain how her sister spoke of the verses from the Bible considering that she does not really read it. After that her dad woke up but got into a coma few days after. The chance of survival is very low but they did not give up. 48 days in the hospital and his dad woke up. Now they are home and he is recovering. Because of that her faith to God was actually strengthened which made her decide not convert. So she PM'ed me asking if all the setbacks they have now could be a sign. I just told her to pray on it. :) i told her to take time to discover God and that whatever she does, she must not allow anything or anyone be higher than God in her life. She siad that life is just so complicated. I told her that life is just complicated because we resist. We must learn to trust and obey no matter how "crazy"(in our own logic) God wants us to do. He will actually make it easy if we just follow. 

Her story actually reminded me that I ought to hang on to God's promise. Her dad is close to "dead" for us. Many may actually suggest that they just pull the plug so he can rest but they did not give up. God delivered His promise. God promised me a home. He takes delight in good marriage hence I know my marriage will also be restored, we will be reconciled. :) 

In addition, my devotional today is about Abraham and Sarah. They were old and still does not have kids. God promised Abraham that he will have children but it took quite a while. They tried a lot of things so they can have a child to no avail. Until Abraham hanged on to God's promise. They may be old but sarah was able to conceive. Abraham's faith was viewed by many as "righteouness". Our own logic will actually dictate that it is medically impossible for them to have a child, but God said so and it happened. Same in my marriage. I realized that I may be watering a dead plant right now. I may lokk foolish but God assured that He will take care of me. He will deliver. If He can make Sarah bear child despite her age, then HE can surely restore my marriage. Revive the lost spark and connection. :) 

This afternoon I also happen to meet a friend. She was actually the one who guided me when I was in the pit. She was the one who told me to seek God. When we met, she asked how I was. i told her I am doing fine and I am able to get by each day because God is good. She said she is so happy to see the change in me. She said she is proud to see how far I got with my walk with God. :) I am happy too! Praise Him who sustains me everyday! :) 

  • Not only can you be a witness to the people who are lukewarm in Christ, but also be boost to those that already believe, such as your friend who guided you when you were in the pit.

  • We are blessed to be able to claim His promises, claim them to be ours. Also know that we must do the work, we must prepare our fields. Which also includes our personal walk. That walk do we put Christ first?

    Just like the song in fireproof. While I'm waiting...

  • I couldn't agree more. :)

    God sustains me everyday! :)

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