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R2 DARE 20: Praise and Thanks to Him Who Gave Up His Life For Our Salvation

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Today's dare is about trusting God  for salvation. It is about praising Him for giving up His life to save us.

Expectations. These are what I had in the previous dare which actually caused me to get hurt when I see no change in my situation. (I thank Sean for pointing it out). Last night, I was actually wondering why there is still struggle on my part. Today, I got that answer. It is timely for the dare of the day. 

Today, when I prayed and asked God for forgiveness for all my shortcomings; for being weak. Today I praised Him for giving up His life and showing to me the real way to love. I could not thank Him enough for willingly giving up His life for people who actually do not believe His teachings; for people who though were shown kindness still chose to believe to what the majority wanted them to believe. 

I have done the dares in the past (with expectations). Although I learned from it and I have been able to "change" some aspects of my personality and my thinking, there are still a lot of things to work on. I struggled yesterday because of rejection. I am losing the desire to continue. My mind actually tries to justify that as what the Bible says, I am entitled to live my life without him because he is the unbeliever who leaves (1 Cor. 7:15 But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace). But I choose to stay strong for our marriage because I love Him and God hates divorce. When I told God about my struggle and when I asked Him to change my heart, I feel a huge weight from my shoulders has been lifted. :) I must remember to pray for my growth and transformation as often as I pray for my husband's protection and guidance. 

  • I'm glad you have felt a change in your heart.  I too have struggled, and I still struggle.  But I always ask God what he wants me to do.  So I think right now, I need to pray about it and see.

  • Expectations! That's why I keep lashing out. That's why I get impatient when I dont see progress or things aren't going my way. So I lash out and the cycle continues. Newsflash: it's not about me!! God, in all honesty, owes me nothing.

    Thank you Princess, I needed to hear that :)

  • When you really don't see a point to continue, when you see nothing changing, when you justify to your flesh it is ok to give up, but you choose to honor Christ and continue, that is when endurance builds in you, your faith and hope rise, and your character is formed at a higher level.  And you look less at yourself and more at Christ.  And your will evolves closer to Christ's will.  

    And then your testimony grows and God pours a little more grace your way.  And your husband sees the change, and it opens the door for Christ to work a little more in your husband.  

    When the flesh is tired, Christ is the strength you need, and he will satisfy.

  • I'm glad to see that you realize the other day was just a weak flesh moment. Don't ever pray forgot to remove him from your life or to end your marriage. Remember none of these are prayer that honor or glorify Christ. We are to love all... Even our spouses if we divorce. If your heart is hard and emotions are getting to you, that is about you not him. Yes, it can be justified in our minds cause he left etc... But God does not lay burden on our love, we create that. And what God is doing is molding you through each dare.

    Focus on Christ, only do the dare no more no less. Period. Focus on Christ and make Him first. Put Him before your stand and marriage.

    Always be thankful in specific prayer for all. And certainly praise God in every single prayer for His attributes. And seek that He bless you with those attributes as well.

    You do not need to be forgiven for weakness. That's what God wants. You to be dependent on Him, and if your not weak then you have no need. Seek out for God to mold those weaknesses into strengths.

  • thank you everyone, your words mean so much to me right now..

    Tracey, I am glad to be of "help" to you today..

    I feel something heavy in my heart but I know it is nothing that God cannot take. I will just have to pray and rebuke this. :) Perhaps this is just my guilt that is trying to pull me down.. Guilt for having all these expectations.

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