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DARE 34: Following without realizing

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Today's dare is about congratulating/commending/celebrating/ thanking my spouse in an area or circumstance where he demonstrated Christian character.

This is difficult but not that tough to accomplish.

After reading this dare I have been contemplating as to certain circumstance/s where my husband demonstrated Christian act/s. We were separated for 3 months already and I do not have any idea as to what he was/is up to daily. I have no idea how he behaves or if there are times he demonstrated Godliness.

Figuring where he demonstrated Godliness is one. the next step is saying it to him since the dare requires it to be "verbal".

So it took me almost the entire day to think of some circumstance/s where he showed Christian behavior. I went to prayer to seek God's wisdom.

After prayer, I became certain as to what my husband's action should I be thankful for, to wit:

1. I thanked/praised him for staying single/not getting involved with someone else. True there was a time that he "chased" a certain girl but that was over (i believe) and the dare says "recent" and recently I believe he does not have any fascination over any girl and he is busy with friends (drinking) and work. I told him that he may have left me and considered himself "free"/"single" but the fact that he chose not to enter to any relationship or get involved with anyone is something I am thankful for because without him realizing it, he is still living or behaving the Christian way.

*This however is a challenge since a part of me thinks that if I tell him this he may think that I am "manipulating" him into not getting involved. This may also be pretentious in a way because I know that he as tried to get involved with someone, then again he does not know that I know. Then again, after praying I realized that it was all in the past. The dare says "recent"  and I did not know anything about him chasing after someone "recently" so I believed it should be something to be thankful for.

2. I thanked/praised him for being nice and polite to me these past few days. I told him that he may be confused as to how to treat me or even confused when I am around him --- he may be irritated by my presence, etc but he still chose to act polite and nice before me. With that he is actually leading his heart without him realizing it and such is another Godly way.

3. I thanked him for his support -- that despite the fact that we are separated he still continues to support me financially. Being the head of the family he is following God's way (without realizing it) by supporting me.

With these things to thank him for, I called him up. He did not answer. I called him the second time and God is good by helping me out -- he answered. He was busy, he said. But I told him I just need few minutes and all I need him to do is to listen. I told him everything that I have realized and he said "OK". Before ending the call i told him i love him.

Right now, I am really thankful that God gave me such a wonderful man to love and to cherish all my life. 

I pray that God will unite us as one someday and will give me the chance to demonstrate the love He has given me to my husband. 




  • It is joyful to see how God is working in you through you seeking Him and your perseverance in the dares...what a great testimony you are sharing with us! Keep trusting in Him - He is working in your life!

  • YES, PAR. I am proud of how I am growing in Him. For years I tried to walk with Him only to find myself going back to the old path. I just need a shove, I guess. Now that I'm living alone, I am given opportunity to reflect on my life, assess myself and grown in Him everyday. I feel so grateful to God that He did not give up on me even if I turned from Him countless times.

  • God will never let us go. When we stray down the wrong path, He is a patient God, but a jealous one none the less. He will work to get us back on track and when we don't listen to His convictions sooner or later we are brought to our knees. For most of us, it is our marriages, and hence the dare and this site.

    The same for your spouse. God is working, so let Him work. Be still know He is God and focus on Christ every moment.

    Through this journey God is preparing you to be the testimony in His plan. Be patient in His timing. Because while His timing may seem to long there is a perfect plan behind it.

  • Yes, Sean. Although I may be in the "dangerous" phase right now --- the stage when he is warming up to me again and makes me want to speed things up.

    I, however, keep praying that God will remind me to be still and to never interfere with His work.

    The best thing to do now is to be patient and continue my own walk with Him.

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