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DARE 20: Halfway There

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Today, God showed how awesome he is.

Since last Sunday (DAY 18 of LD) I wasn’t able to contact my husband and yesterday no one from his work or basketball team can give information on his whereabouts. He remained unreachable and I began to worry. Of course I prayed because only He can comfort my confused and aching heart. However, the fear and anxiety lingered. Yesterday ended with him still being out of reach. I would like to thank the people in this community for offering their words of comfort and prayers. I was able to sleep soundly last night because I held on to the fact that God fulfills His promise; that He will keep him safe; that if it is His desire to let me know if my husband indeed had an accident etc, then I will know; and that him going “missing” is also part of his grand plan.

I woke up today and I prayed for his safety again. An hour later, his staff from work came and asked for his “black shoes”, I saw his text on my phone regarding the shoes and called him immediately since I do not have any idea what shoes he is referring to. He said it is his black leather shoes. I sort of forgot by boundaries there because I asked him why he will be needing it. He did not give a clear explanation. I ended up giving the shoes to his staff.

I felt hurt. Why? Because I sent him message last night asking if he was ok and yet all he managed to send me today was about his shoes. I was also hurt because that shoes is more than just shoes, that shoes is just one of the few things he left here and retrieving it simply means we are drifting further apart.

I cried. I prayed. I felt like quitting. Then I realized that this journey is not for my husband, but rather for my own spiritual growth. I begged God for forgiveness and asked Him to totally take control over my life. I asked Him to change me and my heart and to save me through His grace.

After a while, I got a text from my husband, he said: im ok, no worries – his reply for my message last night about be being worried sick about him. Then I felt peace. God is simply amazing. I got that message at the right time to make me smile. I took it as His way of telling me that He is in control and everything is going to be fine.


When I read the dare, I just realized that I was able to complete it even before reading it. I just prayed again, thanked Him for everything and begged Him to forgive me and help me grow in Him. 

  • I'm glad that you heard from him and that he is ok. Like I said before I have been in a similar situation with my husband and he reacted almost the same exact way. God always is on time and he knows rite when we need to hear from him and he is always in control.  Continue your dares for you and God will continue to work on you and your husband both. Trust that God is in control and he has you in this season for a reason. You will grow so much that you wont even realize how far from God you really were. I am on day 40 and am about to start the dares over again, even though my husband is home now, I fell like I still need to grow closer to God and he has so much more work to do in both of us.  Keep praying, doing dare and dont give up. God is good!

  • I will! I will! :)

    I have seen how far I was from Christ before even when I said I was trying to live a Christian life.. being a Christian is not all about our "ways" -- trying to fit it in God's will. now I know it is His ways and allowing it to lead ours. :)

    I do hope my husband will come home too.. just like yours..

  • If in the future you become accustomed to not knowing where he is or if he is OK be cautious of still asking him if he's OK just for a way to get him  to respond to you.

  • Im back to my semi-regular self, tim. Thanks!

    I had the urge to call him today just so to ask how he is doing but was strong enough to control myself. :)

    This leading the heart thing is quite a challenge but im learning,

  • Your holding together like a champ. And up to this point in the journey is usually the hardest. I don't know why but it is. Not always but usually. The good news is that you are progressing in Christ, and that now you can see your personal walk in Christ. And as you build that over the next half, big things will happen in your spiritual walk and life.

    Seek Christ in strength, not your own. Like wanting to call him, go to prayer instead of relaying on your own ability.

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