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Is this Love Dare thing really working, maybe?

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this weekend was interesting.  I failed on Day 32, and day 33 wanted to get back on track.  I mentioned to her how I was sorry about not including her on some of the plans I had made for the winter holidays.  She is not big on being out in crowds and I am.  So, I sent her calendar invites (We add invites on each others calendar so we communicated what is going on) and invited her, but said i wanted to take the girls.

She said she didnt want to go, but a victory was that she went to a party with me which made me feel really good.  We went to church on Sunday and we had a brief chat to talk about us.  She somewhat opened the door for a conversation, and so we talked.  I had told her that i wanted to grow old with her, and i need my wife.  Additionally, I said please give me a chance, or heck, put me on probabtion and if you dont like wht you see, then that will make your decision easier.  Why be miserable for 3 months while you cna put your guard down, buy in and lets see what happens.  She said Ill give you a month and smiled and gave me a hug.  That made me feel really good.  The struggle still is she doesnt beleive or trust the person I have become and doestn think it is possible.

Ironically enough, at church, the preacher talked about giving yourself to God and miracles do happen.  how Ironic..

when we spoke about us, I told her once I show to you that I am who I say I am, I am going to ask you to marry me again!  This will be our rebirth and the start of our new relationship.  We were engaged on 1/21/2001 and I think it would be amazing to buy her somethign that signifies "rebirth" or "Rebuilding" and ask her to marry me on 1/21/2018.  She did mention that she had asked me years ago to renew our vows and I thought it was silly, and agreeed.  I apologized and told her that I now believe.  

I have always had faith, but it is stronger than ever now.  We moved churches (Catholic to Non-Denominational) and it has been amazing.  I look forward to going to Church and to serving.  It has been good and I beleive I am a better person.

today I am writing her a letter asking her to go on a date with me.  Would love to take her on a date tomorrow (our first date was on a tuesday) and take her to the same place we went on our first date.  This would be my "Mulligan".  

The power of prayer is REAL and hoping to get things back on track.  This community is incredible and I am glad i found it.

  • Be very careful pushing her much more.  Do not try to pull her car up to yours.  she agreed, but she will be scared and may grow cold and throw a little anger your way to show you she hasn't brought her wall down.

    Make sure your comfort stays in the Lord.  It is easy to let go of God during the good or exciting moments like this.

    I do pray that she is letting her wall down permanently.


  • It amazes me how a person can sit in church and listen to God's word be preached then walk outside the doors just throw their marriage away. I've got no explanation for it.

    Be careful when pushing her. I did that and instead of puling her closer I only pushed her further away. Trying to convince her she was making the wrong decision worked against me. I got a one month probation period too and she said she saw no change. I guarantee there was change. I'm absolutely not the person I was before but she made up her mind long before I decided to change and no change was going to change her mind in a month. This whole process takes time and if you're in it to win her back it's not going to work. Even if it seems to work it's only going to be temporary. You need to be in it for yourself so the changes bring YOU closer to God without any concern of her. That way you become the person God wants you to be, dependent on Him, not another human.

  • I agree with Tim, no expectations, be thankful to God for the opportunity but be more thankful to god for his love and faithfulness. Be careful to really listen, she will know when you are listening for your own selfishness and when you are sincerely listening to her heart. You need to be full of the Lord and able to look at her through his eyes.

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