Collaborate without boundaries
  • Love is Impossible.....without God

    Today's Dare opened up my eyes on the areas I need to work on. I need to show my husband honor. Be a safe place for him to share his intimate thoughts. Learn how to fight fair. Accept him for who he is at this very moment. I cannot love my husband...
  • Love Seeks to Understand

    Today's Dare is to make a special supper. Since we don't live together, I dropped off some food. My husband answered the door and was kind. I made the mistake of asking him about our church which is struggling. He said he didn't know even...
  • Love Promotes Intimacy/ Lost on what to do next?

    Since we are separated I called my husband. He didn't answer so I left a message and I thanked him for being gentle last night. I stopped at our house last night and he was gentle. I really appreciated that. Since I am not able to take a gift as I...
  • Trying to Stay Faithful and Patient

    I am on Day 16 of the Love Dare challenge. My husband handed me financial forms for me to fill out for divorce. I have told him I don't want the divorce. He told me the Clerk of Courts told him to give me a copy. He handed them to me and he drove...
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