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Day 36 Love is God's Word

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Today's LoveDare challenge is in reading and meditating on God's Word daily. If possible read with your spouse. Submit every area of your life to God's word. Find a devotional to guide you.

This is one thing I so miss about my husband. I would ask him to read the Bible out loud. He would read and I would close my eyes and listen to his voice. I get choked up right now just thinking about it.

I wrote on my calendar weeks ago, I would like to be home with my husband for Christmas. It didn't happen. No call. No card. No present. No acknowledgement I am his bride...his wife...his heart breaks and the tears flow...hey, I am just being honest one ever saw my tears though I have been crying on and off...I really had faith...hope and yes even though we are not supposed to have expectations I had could I not....I don't even like to check the mail in case there is legal correspondence coming...I don't November I told him to give me a few days and I would get my financial paperwork to him...I can't do it...I don't want to do it...It sits in my glove compartment in the -23 below weather we are having here....I changed my mind...God changed my heart....I found out from our pastor my husband went to his sons (from his 1st marriage) for Christmas Eve. You have no idea how I ached to be with I thought of him all day and yearned for his companionship. I know this is long yet I need to release my heart. I mailed him a Christmas Card and told him to watch for a package. I ordered him a shirt of his favorite football team. I dropped off homemade roll out cookies I made with our grand daughter and I left them on the doorstep porch. No nothing.......and still I choose to pray, believe, stand, trust, love, hope, and have faith that I will soon in God's timing be able to return home. I had Christmas with 3 of our sons (from my 1st marriage) and 2 grand children. It was wonderful. Christmas Eve with our Church family. I overheard a friend who used to come to our church ask, "Where's "T"? Our pastor responded, "He's in (name of state) with his son". Then, they were all trying to figure out if he came last year. I heard them as I was out in the kitchen preparing and helping our pastors wife. My heart was so moved with memories of him and all of church just wasn't the same...oh, what I wouldn't give to turn back time and not have left home. "What was I thinking?"

Then, the other day I had to drop off something I have promised I would do for him monthly. So, I answer...rang the answer...walked in and put it under his coffee mug and then that didn't feel right. So, I called his name several times looking for him as his vehicle was home. I heard him yell, "What"?" So, I went in living room and he was sitting on the couch. I said, "I didn't have an envelope". He just looked at me and said nothing. So, I left.....

  • all these moments of lack of any acknowledgement are tough to handle.  But place God above each of these instances and let the pain melt away.  It can melt even in the negative 23 degree weather.  

    And in the lack of acknowledgement, God is using that to show him he is  not justified in his behavior.  And when he leaves you alone, God is placing Himself more strongly upon him.  Let that  work.  

    We may pray and hope  and have faith that things will get better by a certain date.

  • and I am sure God knows better than we and maybe He's thinking, now's not the time, for you, for him, or for both of you for him to make contact.  His timing is perfect, our timing is too often linked with our hurt and desire to be out of the pain.  Just let this time of suffering build a greater endurance of Christ in you.  

    Your husband has free will that God will not take away,  and is being stubborn or prideful, but God can overcome a lot and your husband isn't a challenge for our God.  

  • those times he read the bible to you, those moments have set a foundation for him.  God can use this too.  

  • Thank you, Tim. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I was so happy to see you responded. I just knew you and even possibly others would respond as we are all going through the valleys together. Thank you for you faithfulness. I read your Christmas post and I continue to thank and praise God for your longsuffering and unconditional love you show your wife, your children, and each of us here on this site. May God bless you today with gifts and blessings that overflow in your world. Peace to you.

  • You just keep doing what God commands. Love, love, love. You got him something because you know it was the right thing to do. Your husband is confused and following the world. Show him love and pray for him. I know and can empathize with your earning to be with your spouse. My wife still lives in our house and sleeps in our daughters room. She is very friendly towards me but she still wants a d and has no intention of changing her mind. I just want to hold her and tell her it will be ok if she just lets God rule her life. But the reality is that the devil has a grasp on her and I must let her fall before I can help her. You may have to do the same. There are consequences to their actions.

    "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows."

    Galatians 6:7

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