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Day 33 Love Completes Each Other

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Today's Dare was to tell you spouse you desire to include them in upcoming decisions and that you need their perspective and counsel. So, I called my husband and there was no answer so I left a message, "T", this is Peggy I need to include you in a decision about the "Flagship"(that's what he calls the car:). Michael (one of our sons) told me to call you. "I need your perspective and counsel". "I need to know what type of transmission fluid your put in the flagship". "Michael thinks the problem may be in the shifting so he said to call you". "I need to take car in tomorrow to Martell Auto Service as my tires keep losing air". "Would you please give me a call back"? "Thank you." Then, I hung up. I don't have any expectations for him to return my call yet I still was able to do the dare. I would have loved to have talked to him about the car as he was our sole mechanic on the vehicle.

  • This dare can seem so difficult when you aren't having any communication with your spouse. I'm glad that God provided you with an opportunity where you needed his perspective and counsel. During my first round God also provided me with an opportunity to include my husband in a decision. It's amazing how God can work through the dares.

  • The dare was completed.  Keep knowing it isn't his response or lack of response that is critical, it is  you doing the dares as you did that is what's important.  

    God can work  in him even more so when he doesn't respond, so in all this trial give God thanks.  And keep the door more fully open for God to work in him by continuing to live in the  dares.

  • Tim nailed it. You did the Dare, and we all know how difficult that can be. Your part is finished. You submitted to God. Now your husband has to think about what to do while God works on him. Great job.

    No expectations. Easier said than done but keep the mentality. People will NEVER behave how you "expect" them to. Just live one day at a time with Christ by your side.

    "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him."

    Philippians 2:13

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