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Day 20- Love is Jesus Christ

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In the reading tonight, it said, "His love made the greatest sacrifice, to meet your greatest need". Right now, Pastor John Gray's message on TBN is "Fight for Your Family". He said, "God uses marriage to maximize our capacity". I have the capacity to learn how to love well. Keeping my eyes on Jesus and strengthening my relationship with Jesus makes this experience incredible. Pastor John just said, "Your marriage should be filled so with the presence of God that people want to get saved just by looking at the two of you." I pray for each and everyone of us on this site that our marriages would be filled with the very presence of God. Yes, Love is Jesus Christ. I pray He continues to pour His love into me as I seek Him, trust Him, and then and only then can I pour His love into my precious, beloved husband who I know is a gift from God.

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