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Today's Dare is to make a special supper. Since we don't live together, I dropped off some food. My husband answered the door and was kind. I made the mistake of asking him about our church which is struggling. He said he didn't know even though he attended a meeting last week though not the service. He is right he/no one knows what's going to happen. I asked our pastor this morning why my husband has not been going to church and he said because my husband doesn't want to be at a place where I may possibly show up. My husbands attitude changed once I mentioned church. He doesn't know what our pastor told me this morning.  He is the elder of the church. This morning I was dropping off my tithe and went to leave for another church (which I have been doing since August).  Our pastor told me to stay since my husband hasn't been coming. It felt so wonderful to be back at my home church though I missed my husband terribly. During prayer time, our pastor prayed about our marriage. It was so beautiful. You know our separation is touching more than me and my husband.  I am leaning on God and trusting He has His hand on this entire situation. I choose to keep a soft and open heart towards my husband. So, the dare today was nice as I know he enjoys the food. I have been told by a couple of friends to stop the gifts and food which I have done. They said to let God work. I stopped about 2 weeks ago. Yet, today was different I forgot what today's dare was so because I wanted to keep a soft, forgiving heart the food drop off felt right in my heart.

  • As your friends say, stop with the extras.  Keep to a dare a day no more, no less.  This will give him space which he thinks he needs.  And it also forces you more so to lean on God completely for comfort.  And also lean on God more so to reconcile the marriage.  

    When we do more than the dare for the day, it is often us trying to find comfort in our spouse or to speed up the reconciliation process our way.

  • Thanks Tim. That was my Pastors idea a couple of months ago with the food and gifts. Yea, I think you are right though.

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