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Are you serious? haha

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So my husband told me the three things that bother him. He told me 1 I am a little stubborn, 2 I dont finish what I start, with this I honestly think he means how I go to the gym all motivated for 2 weeks then start falling back again to old habits. and 3 he said i am desorganized hahaha I think in this one we both are,I leave mail everywhere Ill leave dishes in sink for a day or 2, and do laundry 2 times a week. I know this is about me but I couldnt help but think he is unorganizd too!! he gets home and irrritates me that he takes of his socks, twists them into a little ball and throws them anywhere in the house. The other day I found the socks on my kitchen counter behind the blender!!!!!! That irritates me and the fact he has a hamper that I bought specially for him to put his clothes in but his clothes is all over the floor on his side of the bed. But okay, I will work on what he told me to!!

  • Keep growing in the dares.  and the things that he does that are ridiculous like the socks will not bother you as much.  Right now, just look at changing yourself in doing the dares.  Let all the things about him that need changing go for now.  

  • tim-

    Thank you, you are right I should keep growing on the dares myself. This is about me seeking God and his guidance into having a better marriage!

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