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Now that I have my husband's phone number, I feel nervous about contacting him. I had absolutely no way to contact him for about two weeks, and now I'm afraid that he will take it away again. I would hate for him to block my number because he's sick of me trying to reach out to him. I would hope that he would just ask me to stop first, but he changed his phone number before rather than asking me to stop. He's also blocked me on social media, and his mother has also blocked me both on social media and by phone. 

I did do today's dare. I called him and left a message, asking him to let me know of a few things that cause him to be irritated with me. I haven't received a response, and I also didn't receive a response during the first round. This is one of the dares I would most like a response to. I wish I could have some idea of what I've done wrong in our marriage, from his perspective. God has revealed a few things to me, but I still want to know how he feels. 

  • At this point about all you can do is the Dares. No more, no less. I can understand your frustration about wanting to know what exactly you did. I really don't know what I did to my wife. I really do think time is working against them though. Or for them. However you want to think about it. Eventually they will have to realize they are making or made a mistake. If you continue to do the Dares the way you are supposed to the least that can happen is you get closer to Christ which is also the absolute best thing that can happen. Don't give up hope.

    "Oh, that I might have my request, that God would grant what I hope for."

    Job 6:8

  • Do not fear what will happen, that comes from evil and our flesh.  God is not of  fear.  You did the dare, successfully, and that shows you are putting your trust in God, and this opens the door more fully for God to work in him.  

    Be at peace.  As Eddie said, don't do more than what the dares call out for.  if you do make contact more than the dares ask, it will surely be in his space.

    if he blocks  you while  doing the dares, he would have blocked you no matter how you would have contacted him in the future.  

  • With his mother blocking you, God can work in her about this too.  and maybe she will become a role in God's will being done in all of this. God can use anything for your good.  

  • It's difficult and painful when they won't communicate. I have to keep reminding myself that it is all in God's time and that He is doing work in his life, as well as, mine. I've started to realize that all of the things that I want to say and would like responses to are just that, what I want. And that every time I continued to text or call I was not being patient and that I was being selfish. Praying for you.

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