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This is my second time doing the love dares. After DH moved out, I started the first round. Since then, he has filed for divorce, and now completely refuses to have any contact with me. He has blocked me from all social media and even changed his number. He actually tried to use switching his number as a way to make me meet with his lawyer, letting me know that he was switching to a new number and if I wanted the new number, I could get it by getting the divorce paperwork from his lawyer. 

Anyway, I currently have no way to communicate with him, but I am still going to attempt a second round of the dares. While I won't be able to complete many of them, unless God opens the door for communication, I would like to continue practicing the principles in the book. Hopefully, when we are able to communicate again, many of the principles will be second nature for me.

Today's goal was to say nothing negative to your spouse. Piece of cake! No communication makes this one easy to accomplish! Haha. In all seriousness, I wish I did have an opportunity to practice this one. No more nagging about putting clothes in the hamper, or putting dishes away, or any other trivial thing. I did practice this in other conversations today, and I find myself noticing the conversations of others as well. When I notice myself or someone else say something negative, I often reflect on it and think about how I could have said it in a more positive way. I also am now more likely to apologize when I am too quick to respond.

  • I think I mentioned in someone else's post to you that you can do the dares on others when you have zero contact with him.  Neighbors, friends, family, etc.  

    It is good you are going through the dares again and noticing things in yourself and others.

    Not sure if you had been reading on this site or not, but will repeat what  you already have read or know.

    This is a journey, one between you and  Christ, not you and him,  He, or others, will be used as tool to mold you. do a dare a day no more, no less.  Without changing them to make them easier.  And have no expectations of others when you do the dares.  Make sure  to read the appendix, especially about leading the heart.  

    Somehow, as you continue to change, your husband in some way will see or hear of the changes.  nonetheless, God will not let your efforts go fruitless.

  • Your husband will definitely hear about things. It's amazing how gossip spreads. Just remain positive, as hard as that is. I know it's difficult but stay close to God. Talk to him about your husband.

    I look back at all the trivial complaining too. It's silly some of the stuff we complained about. Right?

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