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My Letter

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Alright guys.... I wrote my letter. Now I will pray that God allows me to give it to him. Since we don't live together and we don't see each other all the time I am completely dependent on God to deliver it at the right time.

I know tomorrow is the last day of this 40 days. I have been so blessed by each one of you that have shared your journals and commented on mine. I will keep standing strong in faith that love overcomes everything else. Because its not about me... but about Christ who lives in me.

  • If you aren't, consider doing a second round.  I think a second round will bring more of Christ in you.  As I believe Paul says, I must decrease while Christ increases.  Or something like that.  

  • Can you go put it in his mailbox or something like that? Thankfully I still have car keys so I was able to leave it in his car. I still don't know if he's read it, just that he did get it.

  • I have keys to his house but have agreed not to go in without permission. And no he doesnt have a mailbox he gets his mail at a post office. But I know God will provide a way.

  • And Tim... I will. I am going to do the Love Dare for parents again first. I need to pour into my girls for a while. It's not the end. Just a pause.

  • I imagine the LD for kids is a good tool to use to move forward in growth in your journey.

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