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Should be Interesting

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This Dare will be interesting! I have been praying a lot and am hoping to talk to him tonight about this dare. The reason I say this should be interesting is that one of his biggest complaints was that I was too needy! That and I never asked him to meet my needs just always demanded. I am trusting God for the outcome. Me asking to include him in my upcoming decisions and for his desire & counsel will be a big step forward for us if he responds positively. I am trying really hard not to overthink it.

  • that should say I desire his perspective and counsel not desire & counsel... It's been a day!

  • Even if he does not respond positively it can be a big step forward.  God can so easily use a negative or neutral response from him for the good of you and your relationship.  God works where we cant see.  

    But as you've been seeing, each dare brings up many of our faults and shows us how to correct our actions or thoughts so we are molded.  

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