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So for today I went a little outside the box. I posted earlier about yesterday's love dare. Today I really prayed about what I could tangibly do for my significant other. And you know what God prompted me to do? Ask Isaac what he needed. He still hasn't told me but he choked up when I asked....  You see..  I don't often ask him what he wants or needs. At least not before the love dare. Before I would just do anything and everything without being asked. Because to me that would be a dream come true. But he is different. And since starting the Love Dare I've been careful about talking too much to him or having a lot of contact outside the dares. I know we talk a lot on this site about doing only the dares. But I know that God wanted me to ask Isaac today what he needed. Because Isaac never asks for anything. So I wait and see what God is going to do. And what Isaac wants me to do. I keep praying in faith. And I will let you know how it turns out....

  • my thoughts.  If you mean going outside the box as manipulating or changing the dare slightly, I would really encourage you not to.  

    Trust that God chose you to do the dares for a reason.  And if so, the dares are ordered in such a way to be most beneficial.  And if you believe God has His hand in the dares with you, then really we need to pray about God opening the door for the dare to be done.  Not if we should do the dare a little differently than how it is written to be done.

  • We so often want to do the dares so we find comfort, in getting a better response or not getting a negative response from the other person.  But, we have to remember, doing tthe dares isn't about our SO or spouse, it is about our journey with Christ.  So, I would suggest doing the dares as instructed.

    I will admit I am tired and do not think well when tired.  so, if I misunderstood or misread what your entry said, I apologize.  

  • No offense taken. And no I didn't mean manipulating or changing the dare. I simply asked how I could express love to him today....

  • Sounds good.

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