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Sorry I've been quiet the last couple of days. God has been doing big things in my life. I've been able to let go of strongholds and areas of weakness. He has really healed me from the past. But now I'm having to fully crucify my flesh. And stand completely on faith. God is continueing to mold me and grow me. It was much easier before. I don't know why. Please pray for me!

  • Just covered you in prayer! It seems when we finally get one lesson God has for us, it gets hard as He prepares us for another step on the journey - keep the faith and keep standing on His firm foundation.

  • Find new says of growing in Christ if you feel a stall in the future, reading, fellowship, etc.

    I am not sure if this is your reason why it was easier before, but often it is easier because we were hanging on for us and our desires.  But as we find comfort it becomes harder because we are holding on for God's will, and being selfish as we humans are, it is harder at times to do something for someone else, including for God.  


  • I can't tell you how many times I felt shattered and broken.  But God was there to pick up the pieces.  I would pray that the negative and bad parts be left behind.

    Being given the gift of Grace is the most wonderful feeling.  Being human it didn't last for me, so I have to continue to seek and pray, and feel the comfort once again.

    I can attest I have changed, and that I act differently to things.  I'm still trying to figure to new me out.  I's strange looking at yourself, seeing the old self, and seeing the new self, and wondering how you were ever the old self....

  • Amen, Snaz!  Amen!  When I remember how I was just a year ago, I find myself thinking, "What in the world was wrong with me!?!"  I shake my head in wonder at who that other 'person' was.  I am sure liking this new me because for once in my whole life people can see glimmers of Jesus in me!  I love that part.

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