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I really struggled with my dare today. I know that I am not supposed to focus on the responses to my dares. But yesterday we had plans outside of the dare to get dinner. I was so excited. This was going to be the first time in a while that he would choose to spend time with me outside of me asking him to do something related to a dare. I waited all day to hear from him and finally called him right before I got off of work and he said he was at his friend's house digging a hole with an excavator that his friend had rented. He said he would call me when he was done.  Finally several hours later I finally texted him and asked if I should go ahead and get something to eat myself and he said the way it is going yes. I was very heartbroken. I don't believe that he was malicious in breaking our plans but it brought up several memories of times when he had previously done something like this to me leading me to feel very insignificant in his life. Thankfully I was able to pray over each of these times & walk in forgiveness. We spoke on the phone late last night and it was a good conversation. I made sure to respond with love & understanding. I just didn't want to put myself out there to be rejected again today.

But its not about me. It's about laying my fears and the cross and stepping out in faith that God is with me. So I tried calling him today with no answer. I also texted. He can choose to respond to me or not. So far he hasn't. But I am laying it down in God's hands. It's so hard since I started praying yesterday and admitting to myself and to God that I want him to fall in love with me again. To want to spend more time with me. And now I just need to wait and see what God does.

Thanks for everyone's support here. I really appreciate it.

  • You did good by going to God in prayer. That's exactly what he wants us to do. Now sit back and watch him work. Praying for you.....

  • I should mention the calling was to have a conversation for the love dare. As much as I would love to do these in person it's really not feasible at this point. It's mostly calls or texts.

  • Just an update I texted him about taking the dog to the groomers tomorrow and instead of texting back about that he opened up to me about a situation at work. God never fails! It wasn't a long conversation but I got to be supportive and complete my dare. Can't wait to see what it is tomorrow!

  • Somehow God often opens up the door to do the dares.  

    When you don't want to put  yourself out there to be rejected, look at how Jesus always puts Himself  out there, and never pulls back, even though we so often reject Him day after day in our lives by not doing His will, taking time to go to church or pray or read the bible, or by sinning do to our  pride or selfish desires.  And then do what He does, and  let go of the flesh and be willing to do the dares and put yourself out there.

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