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Ups and downs

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Today was hard. Yesterday we had a lot of positives. I gave him a great massage and he hugged and kissed me when I left. Lots of positive interactions. But today I tried to do the dare and I got zero response. He still has time. And he could be still at work. Or he could be thinking it over. Last night when I left he said I keep melting his heart. It was so heartfelt and positive. He also told me he has been growing closer to God during the time. So I just have to keep praying for him and praying for us. He still has time to respond to the dare. But I have to keep in mind that it's not about his response. It's about my relationship with God. I just pray I can honor God and have a successful relationship someday as well.

  • know the roller coaster ride he is on will continue.  When he is down, you stay consistent in what the dares have taught.  

    Make sure to thank God that he is growing closer to God.  Pray God's will is done in his life.  

    He may a times enjoy his heart being melted, and other times he will detest he is letting you know you are affecting him so.  Thus the downs he shows, because he is thinking as the world taught him.  

  • Do not focus on the response to your Dare.  

    If you get one that's positive, great, but stay focused, do not read into it that all is better. It usually gets worse before it gets better and they will flip flop / roller coaster ride for a while.  

    If you get a negative response, same advice.  They may lash out looking for a response to justify their ending the relationship.

    Remember they are a tool to allow God to mold you through the dares.  You will change in this journey, and hopefully they will see the changes.

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