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Day 10&11

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Yesterday I had to do something unexpected. I completely overanalyzed it all day. I finally left it in God's hands as to what I should do it and it worked out better than I could have imagined. I had to go out to his house yesterday to grab a couple things. I texted him early in the day and asked if it was okay. He said it was fine. When I texted him that I was just leaving work and that I'd be out soon he texted back that he wasn't at home but it was fine for me to go by and get what I need. I cried so hard. I haven't seen him since last Tuesday. This is the longest we have ever been apart from each other except when he had to travel for work. But then I took a step back and realized God isn't surprised. He knew. I began to pray and worship to music. I responded to his message when I got there positively. Said I hoped he was having fun. In the past had he been gone when knowing I would be there I would have guilted him and yelled and been so rude that he left me out....  but with Gods help I was able to look past it and be happy he wasn't out having fun. It was also positive because I was able to do a few extra things around the house like change his sheets and do the dishes. With those I completed my love dare. We went back and forth with a couple positive texts about where some things were at and then I let it be. Woke up this morning and I haven't heard anything about the dishes or bed. But that's okay. I just hope he didn't take them negatively..

Today's dare is going to be hard. I used to give him a massage every day because of his back issues. I haven't done this in a long while as I started using it for currency and telling him he never gave me a massage so why should I give him one. I'm going to go out today and try to give him one. I may be totally rejected but I've been praying about it this morning and out of all the things I could do to show him I cherish him this is one that I know is the right thing. I just pray that if he does reject me I respond with love and not with old man. Please pray for me today. I'm so scared to put myself out there. But I'm trying to remember it's not about the response. It's about obedience. 


  • The harder or more scared you are doing a dare, the more growth you have, and it's a further step in trusting God and not putting your flesh into making decisions.  And as you said, that's when things work out better

    Rejoice even if he chooses not to accept the massage.  Because it's another way to show God you are in His comfort, and that's your bigger desire vs your husband's comfort.

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