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Completely convicted of jealousy

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This morning the Love Dare completely convicted me and I realized how jealous I have been of my partner and I realize how I have been pushing him away. In the beginning of our relationship I was so supportive and loving of him and everything he did. One of the things that I loved about him (and is actually what I sent him a message about yesterday) is his sense of adventure. I loved that he would randomly go for a drive in the middle of the night or end up camping or riding his motorcycle for hours just to think. These past few months I realize how every time he would do something without me I would get so envious and even if I wouldn't say anything to him that was negative my actions showed that I expected him to take me to do the same things. After he would take the jeep out and get stuck in it one night the next night I would be constantly harassing him about when he and I could go for a ride and get stuck. I pouted and argued until he would take me out but it was never fun. I want so badly to apologize for these things but I realize that I need to just do the Love Dare and show the conviction in my life. He has completely stopped talking to me about anything he does. I think I would have stopped talking to me too in his situation. I can only pray and hope that someday I have the chance to be loving and supportive again.

  • I texted him again. He didn't answer the phone when I called. I tried though. I don't want to just show up at his house right now unannounced. He specifically has told me not to. He did figure out I was doing the Dare though and hasn't asked me to stop... That's a good sign I hope.

  • Keep doing a dare a day and these changes in you will continue.  You are being molded in Christ.

  • I realized a lot of my actions were fear of losing my wife.  In the end those actions are what she ran from.  I haven't seen my wife since the Divorce Hearing in May and Prior to that it was December.  So I think I'm no longer in her thoughts.

    It is amazing how much the Love Dares open your eyes to the things you did wrong.  I pray every Wednesday for everyone on here.  Sometime during my other prayers.

    I guess I'd need to know more about his adventures to make any judgment.   But everything I did I wanted to share with my wife.  Probably too much into codependency territory.  But there is a fine line between healthy desire to spend with your spouse and needed to spend every moment with them.

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