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Hope vs Reality

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I am holding onto hope but I begin to question if I'm not see the reality in my situation.  I wonder if holding onto that hope is the right approach or if I'm turning a blind eye to was my actual reality is.  I get happy running through things in my mind but then wonder how realistic that really is.  Does this make sense?  I pray and trust in God and believe he will save my marriage but maybe that's not the right way of thinking about it.  Looking for advice on how to deal with hope vs reality.

  • I feel exactly like you do. My wife is leaving and people tell me I'm crazy for holding on. I firmly believe holding on is the right thing to do. I also believe God wants to save your marriage but your wife has free will. She does not have to obey God. She WILL have to answer to Him someday but here on earth she can make any decision she wants. Keep holding on to hope. I do. Keep praying for your marriage. I do.

  • Cant add to Eddie's reply.

    Have great hope in God, that His divine providence for you is beyond goodness.  Have great hope in what God can and will do for you.  Have great expectations in what God can and will do.  But, have no expectations in the short term of her softening, but hope in God that He will fix her and the marriage.

  • God and realistic really don't necessarily coincide with each other.  Did the characters in the bible have hope when fed to the lions or thrown into the fire, or swallowed by a big fish or being thrashed around in the see in a boat?  Some had hope, some thought they had a real possibility of perishing.  

    The world and our flesh say to let go and give up. But, you are seeing to keep standing for the marriage. And when you don't want to, lead your heart.  And choose not to abandon God since you made a covenant not just with your wife, but also with Him on your wedding day.

  • You cannot hope in the marriage, or have hope in your spouse.  The Bible says that our hope is in God and God alone. I have really struggled with the same struggle that you are having - I am 12 days from my court date/divorce.  My hope is in a God that created the entire universe in 6 days.  Hope is never realistic in the world's way of thinking.  But with God, all things are possible.  Scripture says that nothing is too difficult for him.  Place your hope in him.  He is relentlessly pursuing your spouse and working to reconcile your marriage.

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