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What a great day.  It's amazing when you believe the best of people and most importantly in God how amazing your day can become and the anxiety vanishes.  I have had severe anxiety issues for about 20 years of my life.  When I started on the love dare I had no idea the impact this would have on me.  My anxiety has almost died.  I still get anxiety and panic attacks here and there but leaving my life in the hands of God has taken away so much of my anxiety, my need to control and has brought me a sense of calm and happiness.  I was thinking about my wife a lot for dare 7 and believing in the best and I probably had a huge smile on my face the entire day.  She is the most amazing woman and I am so lucky to have in my life.  I pray that God keeps her as my wife but with the last couple of dares she appears to be trying to be more distant and non-responsive.  Is this normal?  She doesn't respond to my compliments and I said have a great day this morning and she said ok and just walked away.  I am continuing on with the challenge though!

  • Her behavior is very normal.  Still normal if she throws a cup of coffee at you.  Just be patient, bite your tongue, and show kindness.

    She is distancing herself  all the more to  prove to you she isn't caving in or letting her guard down, but it is a sign she  notices the changes in you.  She has  to get colder to justify to herself she is  in the right.

    Isn't  it amazing we have the answer right in front of us for everything, including anxiety, but we just don't realize it until this trial hits?  She notices the changes in you.  And thank God you are thanking Him for the changes  in your life and not like the people Jesus cured and they never thanked Him.

  • The world says medication, meditation, yoga, emptying your mind,  etc are ways to resolve anxiety.  But the world never looks to  prayer and God for help.  I do know there is a need for medicine and am not  discounting that for some people.  

    Enjoy the reduction in anxiety and let God know you enjoy Him all the more.  

    If you know others that have anxiety, or run into someone with it, let them know how you overcame much of yours, by sharing your testimony.  

  • Yes, continue on, her negative or cold responses have nothing to do with your continuation.  no expectations from her along with staying in the Love believes the best.   the world says that's sticking your head in the  sand, whereas we know it is being in Christ.

  • Tim I wanted to THANK YOU for all the comments, advice, etc you have been responding with.  I truly appreciate it.  It is amazing how the answer to everything has always been right in front of me.  I turned my back to the Lord for the last 20 years and I have struggled with so much.  I have been wanting to change and understand why I was the way I was because it wasn't who I wanted to be.  Turning my life over to Christ has been the answer I have been looking for the last 20 years and it's been right in front of me the whole time.  I am excited and motivated to keep going with the challenge especially with the support of people like Tim on this site.  Thanks again!!

  • The Love Dare helped me tremendously. I am a much different person than I was even last year. My patience is infinitely better now. My wife doesn't believe anything she sees yet though because she is living in the past and clinging to it. Your wife will have a hard time believing that there is any change in you. Depending on how far mind is into this process it could take years for her to see any change. That's my experience with my wife. I'm on my way to divorce and I don't think there is any stopping it. My wife believes that I am a bad person because she had to convince herself that she is justified in leaving. The best thing you can do is give your wife space and let God work on her. Let her see the new you through your actions, not words ore excessive gifts. Do the dares exactly as they say and don't add to them.

  • Thank you for the nice words.  it's great you are longing for the changes Christ is making in you.  Keep seeking His strength and wisdom and growth in Him.

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