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Irritable comes too easy

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Day 6 was good for the most part.  I found myself getting irritable with both my kids and my wife.  I was watching all 3 of my kids last night and they all wanted daddy to do something with them while wife was at a meeting.  Found myself starting to get irritable with them but caught myself and stepped away and came back fresh.  Huge step for me as before I would of probably blown up.  I also got irritable with my wife as I got a new shirt in the mail and asked her if she liked it and she said it doesn't matter what she thinks and acted like why am I asking her for her opinion as she will not be my wife soon.  Caught myself again and once again just walked away and calmed down.  This book is teaching me amazing things about how I've acted and how my emotions drive my actions.  It's tough when the wife is so cold to me.  Keeping my faith in Christ is helpful.  I wish it wasn't so hard and I wish I knew how this all ends but that would be too easy and I wouldn't learn and understand as much as I am going to without going through this difficult phase of my life.  Day 7 is to be in the positive room and I plan to stay here all day.

  • Keep letting the dares mold you.  She will notice even if she does not say anything.  In fact, because you are changing in Christ, things may get worse because she will be upset you ween't always this way and because she may also try to break you, to prove this new you isn't the real you and you are only changing long enough to win her back.  So, remain very consistent in what the dares are teaching you.  

    The more she reacts not of Christ and the more you act in Christ, the more the door is more fully opened for God to work in her and the more conviction she will feel.

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