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Day 6

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Well Day 5 didn't go so well.  I tried asking for feedback but got "I'm not playing any games and I'm wasting my energy".  I keep telling myself not to give up and keep my faith.  I keep asking God for a sign if I should give up and move on with the divorce and continue on and so far I believe he is telling me to continue on.  Our lawyers sent us both some paperwork to start on with the divorce process.  That caused me some anxiety but as I drove into work I talked to God and am keeping my faith that he will guide me through all of this.  I am getting closer to God and Jesus and I pray he finds a way into my wife's heart and brings us back together.  Today is going to be tough as I often find myself getting irritable so I commit to God that I am going to take a hard look at myself and understand what I need to do to be better.

  • That isn't as bad of a response as you may think.  Just by you doing the dare opened the door more fully for Christ to work in her.  She, through you asking and her response, will get a sense of God's conviction.  

    God is not going to give you a sign you should give up and move on.  

    That's great to pray on your way to work.  (But make sure your primary prayer time is not in conjunction with driving.  To set a specific time, preferably in the  morning, to pray while doing nothing else.)

    When anxious, realize that is not from God. And do as you did and  go to prayer, and He will bring you peace.  Keep God way above your wife and  peace is so much easier to come by.  

  • I asked my wife the day 5 stuff. The first time she didn't tell me anything so I came up with my own three things based on what I thought she would say. The second time through she actually told me three things. I did work on them and I'm sure it helped me because I learned something about myself that I could change.

    We also have lawyers working on the process but no matter what I think or anyone from the secular world says I will not make any kind of deal or sign any papers. In my situation there is no reason for a d and I will stand firm in my faith and uphold y wedding vows until the judge forces it upon me. I may even lose any custody of my children but it's more important for me to show them that marriage is a commitment made under God than anything else.

    You can look at yourself every day and you will always find you can do something better. I do. You just have to commit to acting on it and making yourself better.

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