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Round 2 - To be continued...

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My love dare ended a few days ago.  Unfortunately, not much has changed in our relationship.  She still wants to separate/divorce.  Our original court date was postponed.  Our new date is on Thursday.  I'm scared!  A judge will decide custody and if i'm to leave the house.  I'm trying to stay focused and positive, but it's difficult.  Thankfully, I have people to pray for me and keep me encouraged.  I've decided no matter what happens on Thursday, I'll begin Round 2 of the Love Dare on Friday.  She is still engaging in her affairs (yes, plural).  It hurts me, but it hurts me more that she is pushing herself from God.  There are soooo many things I want to do to try to stop these affairs.  I guess the one thing I can do is pray.

Even though visually I dont see much change in my marriage, I do see change in me.  I feel like I understand God's love a whole lot more which has brought me conviction in how I loved my wife and others in my life.  I learned a lot about forgiveness, long-suffering, and self accountability.

Please pray for me and my family as we go to court.  I'm still hoping for a miracle to save, restore, and revitalize my marriage.  I dont know if something will happen on/by Thursday, but I do believe something God will restore it someday... sooner than later.

  • God's timing is perfect.  His plans for you are perfect.  No matter what happens Thursday you can be more fully perfected in God as you stay within His will and choose to continue the journey you are on.

    Trust in the Lord, for He is good.

    Seek no vengeance upon these males.  For vengeance is for God.  As you sincerely pray for her also sincerely pray for these males.  

  • It is tough I am sure knowing Thursday is coming up.  but if you continue to let God lead the coming days you will gain much in endurance in Christ during this time.  And she will see God's strength in you, even if she doesn't understand it is God's strength in you that is keeping you standing.  She will have a hard time denying your testimony.

  • We all so want to see changes in our marriage/spouse during this trial. And especially I am sure you with Thursday coming up.  that is natural.  Our flesh is comforted in seeing changes and given signs.

    And if God gives you a sign or allows you to see a change, then what a gift that is.  But, as you are seeing no changes know that God is working to make changes and you do not know what changes are taking place that are not visible to our eye.  Yet, the lack of vision of what we want to see is what grows our faith and hope in what the Lord will do in our lives.

  • Give God thanks for your tremendous growth.  Hold steadfast to our Lord and know His divine providence will come through for yo no matter what your wife chooses to do with her free will.

  • Look at the affairS as in plural a bonus vs affair singular.  For God can work even more so in her situation.  For one, how can she become so emotionally attached to just one male?  Also, she will get burned out with the texting and so forth with a few people at a time.  Plus, she has to see how she is cheating on not just you, but the others as well.

    Put all this of her choices out of mind and fill your mind with prayer, love of God, and His infinite mercy and peace He has given you.

  • My husband divorced me.  It was final a year ago January 19.  I'm still standing for my marriage.  Don't give up even if the divorce goes through.  No matter what, God is faithful.

  • My court date got postponed until February 23rd so I know how you feel. I'm sure my feelings will intensify as the date gets closer. Mine is the initial hearing though. Nothing will be decided. Then my attorney will be out of town for six weeks so I have at least until the end of April before anything can happen. I pray for you because I can empathize. I know your pain. Hang in there and remain in Christ. He is always there for you.

    Linda... I love you sister. Your testimony is inspiring. I hope God gives me the strength He has given you.

  • Praying for you during this time of hurt. Keep talking to God and doing the dares.

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