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Day 24 - Love and Lust

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May day didn't start out too well with my wife, but i wont go in to a lot of detail.  Today, i decided to go through my social media accounts and phone contacts and delete people (females) that I know my wife wouldn't approve of.  There are some that she had mentioned already because we were once lovers and now just friends.  I didn't feel the need to delete them, because partially of pride, but also because there was no lustful feelings towards them and none towards me.  I felt she was being paranoid and trying to control me.  Of course this love dare journey has helped me realize that I really never put her first.  Deleting "friends" never should have been a big deal and really we rarely communicate.  If there is communication, it is usually because I initiated it.  So today, i deleted any and everyone that she didnt like or potentially wont like.  I hope to one day allow her to go though all my contacts and explain who and why they are there.  I do not want to keep that door open any longer to potentially allow lust and further distrust to creep in.  I'm mad at myself that I allowed pride to get away and didnt do this earlier in my marriage.  Maybe i could've saved it earlier with such a small display of love and priority.  I'll trying to think of some other things that may be more associated with lust that I can get rid of.  Lust liquidation.  Everything must go!

  • That's excellent. I actually was hoping that one day my wife would come back to me and she would help me do that. I have so many friends of the opposite sex on there that I don't need. The only real reason for them was to see their sometimes lustful pictures. Pathetic when you think about it. When I have a perfectly beautiful wife at home. There's no need to stay in contact with an old girlfriend. That's done and gone and your wife is number one now.

    Pride is so bad. I still struggle with it every day. Many prideful decisions are made without even realizing it. That's how ingrained pride is in us. As long as you see it and actively try to stop it you are well ahead of the game.

    "The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled.)

    Isaiah 2:12

  • If the day started off wrong, and it was due to her acting upon unfounded, wrongful emotion, realize she will bounce back quickly, at least that's what I would bet.  And if it was your lack of patience or showing kindness, then, seek His help in this regard if it's something that's still a habit in not doing.

    Good for you deleting the contacts.  

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