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Day 19 - Love is Impossible

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This is for yesterday's post.  I thank God for being with me.  I couldn't have gotten this far without Him.  He has showed show much about myself and my marriage.  I've learned that I'm not as good of a husband as I thought.  I didn't love my wife properly - with AGAPE Love.  He has helped me to love unconditionally - and it's hard, but impossible without God.  During this journey, i cried, i wanted to quit, had tantrums, complained, got angry, felt hopeless and a slew of other feelings.  It has been only God helping me.  He encourages me with his Word, friends, the Love Dare community, family, etc.  He shows ME unconditional love!  That one thought helps me to keep going.  Love like God!  I often think how God "should" feel when we don't show Him the same love He shows us.  He should be angry, heartbroken, frustrated, etc.  However, He doesn't do that.  He consistently shows grace, mercy, favor, and love even when we aren't deserving.  This is how I want to love.  This is how I should've loved my wife.  This is how I'm going to love her from now on.  And not just show love to her, but to my children, my family and everyone else.  "LOVE CONQUERS ALL"!

  • How good the world would be if they did as you are choosing to do.  Things do feel difficult at times, but with God all is possible.  

    Continue, be at peace, do not worry about what your spouse sees of the changes.  

    When you are with Christ how can you go wrong.

    Thank Him for the changes and trust He has given you.  

    When as you did it is God's doing in your life that got you this far, that opens the door for Him to do more for you.  

    Continue to be humble and appreciative and things will continue on your journey.

  • Amen. I have also been a terrible husband. I have not treated my wife as God commands. For 25 years I heard Him but refused to listen Now He may allow this to be taken from me. But He works good from everything so I have to give Him all. I am nothing without Him. That has already been proven. I have been in the same situation as you. It's been almost eight months now and it has gotten better. I am at such peace now because I rely on God for everything.

    Continue to be encouraged by His Word and your friends. Show your wife that you are the man she desires, that God gave her. Show her agape love. Keep a soft tongue and train your heart to love and don't listen to it when it tells you otherwise.

    Merry Christmas. I love you brother.

    "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

    Proverbs 15:1

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