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Day 8 - FAIL pt 2

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Yep. Big fat egg today. After a good day yesterday, I screwed it up. It's at its worse!!! I say a critical text in hopes it would be an eye opener, but it was soooooooo criticising. I'm undoing everything!!! I hope you guys are doing better than me. 

  • I am sure we all have been there.  Thinking we just blew it.  There is no way things will rebound from this mess up I created.  But, as you love God the best you can and try, He miraculously covers your mistakes.  

    Now, learn from this.  1.  Were you sending a text that was not necessary and was above and beyond the dare?  2 Is this a dare you should have talked in person if possible or called if not verses texting?  3 Was it really so bad what you sent or is she just overreacting, which happens often. 4 after a good day, did you take control from God and try to fix things on your own.?

  • 5 were you finding comfort and chose to handle things your way vs sticking to God's way or the dares?

    Okay, so now, what not to do....Don't run or talk or text extra in the hopes of gaining comfort from a reaction from your spouse. Use this as an opportunity to grow in Christ and seek him as your only true sense of comfort.

    The hours and day or so will pass and I bet you will see how God covered this moment.  

  • I make mistakes all the time. But, I learn from them. I had to apologize to my wife yesterday because I was unaware how my comments in church make her feel bad. The preacher made me aware of it. I apologized, asked for forgiveness and now I have to forget it and move on. I prayed about it too. That's very important. Gods way- Gods time. Remember that.

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