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Day 3 -Trying to Try

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I went to bed late and woke up early with some anxiety/fear.  I began to pray again and re-read the Godly advice and testimonies from those websites I bookmarked.  It helped some. Right now, I have to go moment by moment to have faith that God will turn this around.  It's a struggle.  I feel a little better today than my devastating Day 2, but it is still a struggle.  Day 3 is the "i'm thinking of you" day.  I'm going to get some flowers soon and hand-deliver them to her office (we work near each other).  I know she loves flowers.  We'll see how it goes.  All I keep hearing is "do the next right thing."  I keep feeling I'm on a huge time constraint and I'm not gonna make it.  Help me JESUS!!!!  I don't want false hope. Give me a sign that I'm doing the right thing!


Update @ 3:31pm -  Bought flowers, but she is not in her office.  I guess I'm going to have to take them home and give them to her then.

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Update @ 10:00pm - I gave her the flowers and she said "what's this for?" I said "just because". She took them and sat them on the coffee table and continued to lay on the couch and watch tv. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much so soon.  It wasn't a great reaction, but at least she didn't hand them back to. It's a small victory.

  • It is natural to have expectations that the flowers did some good. But, have no expectations of her and let God know He is your true source of comfort.  Not your wife.  

    You are looking at the time constraint from the flesh's point of view.  And evil is using the perceived lack of time to distract you from your walk in Christ.  How long did it take Christ to turn a withered hand to a sturdy hand, or take a leaper and cleanse his body?  A day, a week, a month?  Nope, so what can he do in all this time for your marriage?  Reconcilliation?  You bet.

    There are no promises or guarantees she will listen to what Christ says.

  • But there is the guarantee that Christ works everything out for the good for those that love Him.  

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