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Day 23 - Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear...

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The biggest influence for me that I know of is music. Music can determine the mood I will have for the day or even heighten the mood or attitude I already have. It can trigger certain memories or emotions for me. When listening to secular or worldly music, I know this can be detrimental to my spiritual health. Other than Disney music for my little one, the only other music I'll listen to now is high energy instrumental for working out and then every other time I'm tuned into a Christian station on the radio or on my phone. 

Another huge influence that I'm still trying to figure out is my phone. Not so much the device but more so that it is used as a portal or window to other things, social media being one. It is so tempting everyday to not want to click on my SO's profile and lurk through his page. I want to know if he's talking to anyone else, connecting with anybody else, or has his eyes on anything else. Everyday when I open my apps, I have to constantly tell myself not to go to that level. I'm almost wanting to delete the apps altogether from my phone but I keep making excuses as to why I should not do it. Not only is there the temptation of wanting to snoop, but other people wanting to connect with me that I know are not good for me. The past couple of weekends I will have missed messages or calls (you can call via FB or Snapchat) from a particular individual always around 2 or 3 am wanting me to go over. I need to completely cut this out, I'm not too sure how without starting some sort of dialogue. 

I'm sure there are some other influences and addictions that I need to cut out but those are the ones I'm currently working and praying on. It's a daily struggle and I hope that I can get stronger and stronger to overcome it. 

  • Strongly consider deleting the accounts.  They can be huge time wasters and lead to snooping and also other temptations.  Can you block the people contacting you?  

  • tim - yes I have the ability to block the people contacting me. I do use one account for work purposes since we rely heavily on our social media to reach out to clients and potential clients but everyone at work has access to it from the work computer so I don't necessarily need it on my phone as well.

  • Just know that no matter what you find out through snooping there is nothing you can do about it. It has no benefit to you. You could be spending your time more constructively. In your Bible or in prayer.

    "Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him."

    Psalm 62:1

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