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Day 15 - Honorable Mention

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I feel I completely failed this dare. I prayed on it, but I think I was distracted with the upcoming event for work and the tasks I needed to take care of. I reached out to his mom for advice and again, she told me to pray and journal about it. It was really difficult for me to find something to do for him since he hardly ever communicates with me and we no longer live together. Asking him if I can help in any way is always met with a hard "No". I think the fact that he's moved back in with his family makes it harder. I can't just show up and start doing things like helping to clean his car or getting the oil changed or anything like that. Especially since our hours are very hectic since we both work full time. I was at a complete loss for this one. Moving on to the next.....

  • Move on to the next days dare as you said, the important part is you prayed on the dare and looked for ways to complete it.  If you tried  your best, it's okay you were not able to do it in a way you would  have liked.

  • I remember reading somewhere or maybe from the movie something about being creative with these dares. I'm on day 32 and so far I've done them all. It took a lot of creativity and some of them were done and I have no idea if my wife knows anything happened but I did something so I could say the dare is done.

    I urge you to be creative and do something each day. On my day 15 I made sure I cleaned off the table after my evening Bible study. Normally I leave the mess there and it drives her crazy and she has to pick it up. So, from that day on I have started picking up all my stuff and putting it up so there was no mess there for her to find. She has had to notice but it's not something I told her about or made her aware of. I hope this gives you a similar idea of something you could do.

    Continue to ask if you can do anything for him. Once a day (that's what my therapist suggests.) That way he knows you are thinking about him and it puts the ball in his court.

    "Be always humble, gentle, and patient. Showing your love by being tolerant with one another."

    Ephesians 4:2

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