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Day 9 - No Impression Without Expression

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I've got some catching up to do with my journal entries on here, it's been difficult to try to do them each night but I do handwrite my journal entries to the best of my ability. This particular dare for me is still challenging (but what dare isn't). He will go out of his way to avoid any sort of direct contact or the chance of any sort of greeting. I hate to resort to texting but it looks like I might have to start off my greetings that way. Any time I'll go over to pick up our daughter, he will simply unlock the door, swing it open, and disappear. He makes it very challenging. I'm still trying to brainstorm creative ways to greet him. Some days I'll leave coffee for him if it's in the morning, others I'll try a small "hey" with a smile but each chance is met with him being very cold towards me. I'm thinking I'll resort to leaving small notes where he can find them and simple texts. 

  • I would greet him kindly when given the chance.  Leaving notes or coffee will get in his space.  He's disappearing after opening the door to have space, let him have it.  In fact the space gives God more time to work in him.  We so often want to leave notes and do more than the dare for the day for us to find comfort in the other person, but keep God as your only comfort right now.

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