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Day 4 - New phone, who's this?

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I prayed harder than I ever have in the past 3 years before attempting this dare. Communication between my significant other and I is next to none so working up the courage to call or text him something other than a discussion revolving around our daughter was nerve wracking. I sent him a quick text on my lunch break asking how they were doing and if there was anything I could do for him after work or on my day off. I didn't expect a reply and was not surprised that I did not receive any during the course of the day. As I headed his way to pick up our little one, I decided to try to ask him in person. I asked if he had received my text earlier on in the day and he replied that he had not. He was busy running errands, upgraded his phone and in the meantime had been getting his contacts and pictures transferred over. What great timing! I asked him if there was anything I could do for him or help out with to which he replied no thank you, of course. Whew, dare 4 done! Or is it? The 2 minute conversation we held seemed to bother him somewhat? He kept his distance from me the remainder of the evening and diverted his eyes whenever I was near. Back on my knees tonight I will go. I have a good feeling my little prayer spot is going to see some longer sessions in the near future. 

  • Use text as a last resort.  And do not repeat the dare.  Asking twice, even if it  is much later when the text comes through is getting in his space.  

    His reaction, positive, negative, or indifferent is not what  makes the dare a success or accomplished.

  • Tim thank you so much for reading my journal entries and the advice the past couple of days, it's been very encouraging and helps me to push on.

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