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Day 3 - UberEats to the rescue

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By this day, with the success still buzzing in my head from the canvases we painted, I was starting to feel more confident despite nothing but silence on his end. He works 12 hour days 5-6 days a week, some days with hardly a break for him to eat. I figured the best surprise for him during a long shift would be lunch brought to him. One grilled tuna with a veggie medley and green smoothie later, I was nervous to see if he had received his lunch or not being that I've actually never done UberEats before. He replied that he did get it, that I did not have to, and then (to my surprise) he said thank you. Those 2 words had me on cloud nine all day. The nicest words that came from him in the past week and a half. It gave me hope! But I'm still in the beginning, only 37 more dares to go. 

  • Yes, there are 37 more days, but look at this as a lifetime change, don't get so caught up in the 40  day time period.  But most of us looked at it as 40 days in the beginning.  

    It is nice to get a thank you.  and let God know you enjoy Him all the more.  Right now, seek comfort in God only.  Because no matter how good a person treats you, they will always disappoint.  and learning to find comfort from God  first will keep you from getting off track when he or anyone else disappoints you.  

  • The dares will get harder- don't give up on them. I realized at some point that even though I started this for her I am really doing this for myself- to become a true Christian and get closer to God. I'm on Day 19 and it has been a bumpy road so far. I'm getting where I need to be but it is a slow and difficult process. Keep up the good work and love your husband unconditionally without any expectations form him at all.

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