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Day 2 - his birthday

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On this day it just so happened to be his birthday. I took our daughter out shopping for art supplies and ordered some 4x4 pictures to be printed of him and our daughter together. I had her paint (as well as a 3 year old can paint) 2 smaller canvases as I started painting out the letters "L__E Y_U DA__Y" for Love You Daddy. In the spaces where 'o', 'v', 'o', 'dd' should be, I replaced it with my little one's painted hands and feet. I then started to trim and glue down the pictures of her and her dad onto the smaller canvases and a favorite one of his onto the bigger canvas with the text. I included a card as well but kept it as simple as possible with attention focused on his birthday and the theme of the canvases: "Natalia loves you from the tips of her fingers to the bottoms of her toes." With help from his mom, I was able to sneak the gift into the house while they were out that night for his birthday dinner. They said he was surprised and that he loved it. He never told me whether he received the gift that night or not or if he liked it. No matter, I was surprised at myself for being able to whip something up like that for him. 

  • Have  no expectations of him when you do the dares. in fact, he may show anger at times when you do the dares, because of a few reasons.  ONe, he  may be thinking, why couldn't she have been like this all along?  And he may see the changes as a ruse to  win him back.  then, if he lets his wall down, you will go right back to the old you.  

    so, do the dares consistently so in time he will believe the changes are real.

  • Sounds like an AWESOME present. I spent 24 hours working on what I thought was an amazing 20 page scrapbook for my wife's birthday in May. I had the kids give it to her and it ended up on the shelf in our closet. I don't know what she thought about it but the only thing that matters is that I put my heart into it. Sounds like that is what you are doing. That is a great way to show love, which is all that matters. Jesus preached love above all else.

    Like tim says keep doing the dares consistently because eventually they will become habit and form a new way of life for you.

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